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The EU-India Cooperation Initiative is the single entry point to all available support measures for the promotion of EU India S&T Cooperation. The approach is two-folded, aiming to:
  • Offer scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders structured and comprehensive information on the funding opportunities, partners search opportunities, running and closed projects, key organisations and networks, news, etc. through the portal we also call the EU - India Window,
  • Assist projects' cooperation for a harmonised approach, sharing of information and joint planning of activities.
EU - INDIA Window
Guide to the right support tool

This initiative builds on the positive experience of the 2009 EU-India S&T Cooperation Days. 200 participants from Europe and India had the opportunity to network, share experience, initiate new partnership, take part in FP7 training and round table discussions on common priorities. The event was organized by four projects and initiatives; Biocircle, EBTC, EUINEC and New INDIGO. Since then the joint cooperation days have been organised in 2011 and 2012 as well.

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